Network Interconnect for Exascale Systems

Network: the next big bottleneck?

Network interconnect is the backbone of a supercomputer, connecting together the compute nodes

To reach the exascale with a reasonable power consumption, exascale supercomputers will include a huge number of nodes, and they will be hybrid nodes integrating GPUs and CPUs

Integrating heterogeneous nodes requires a smarter interconnect, with additional features to accelerate connectivity between servers and storage

Those are the challenges that RED-SEA is tackling to design the network interconnect that will power future European Exascale systems

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    On 8 and 9 February 2023 the RED-SEA team is gathered for our third face-to-face meeting in sunny Sophia Antipolis, near Nice. Thank you Atos for hosting us!


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The EuroHPC projects DEEP-SEA, IO-SEA and RED-SEA have joined forces to develop complementary European technologies for future heterogeneous exascale supercomputing architectures.

The SEA projects in the Modular Supercomputing Architecture:

An introduction to the SEA projects and their cooperation:

A summary of the SEA projects and their collaboration