Network Solution for Exascale Architectures

RED-SEA objectives

Enable the design of a new generation of high performance network interconnect to power the future EU Exascale systems
Explore new innovative solutions: end-to-end network services – from programming models to reliability, security, low latency, and new processors
Develop the ecosystem by developing innovative re-useable libraries and fabrics management solutions 


  • Hello world!
    Project RED-SEA will start on 1st April 2021.


  • DEEP-SEA/RED-SEA Optimization of collective communications
    The objective of this cross-project workshop on MPI (Message Passing Interface) is for DEEP-SEA and RED-SEA to present their respective plan for optimizing collective communications in both hardware and software, and see how they can leverage their respective effort and contributions.
  • BXI seminar
    On 17 June, 2021, most of the RED-SEA team was gathered for a seminar on BXI – the Bull eXascale Interconect, ie. the European interconnect from our partner Atos. BXI is a key component of our project.
  • EuroHPC cooperation mini-workshop
    On 25 May, 2021, the ten projects from the EuroHPC-2019-1 topic gathered for a first workshop to define their future collaboration: ADMIRE – DComEX – DEEP-SEA – eProcessor – IO-SEA – MAELSTROM – RED-SEA – SPARCITY – TEXTAROSSA – TIME-X

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