The RED-SEA hardware test beds

RED-SEA partners provide a set of hardware test beds with different configurations that will be used as:

  • development platforms during the early phases of design of the HW/SW IPs,
  • co-design platforms during the optimisation phase,
  • evaluation test beds for the entire network architecture during the last period of the project.
DIBONAAtos4+1 blades
768+192 Arm v8 cores (12+3 nodes)
RHEL 8.4
Memory: 256GB per Node: 16x16GB DDR4@2666MT/s
Analysis of BXI 1.3
– net. Traces of apps
– benchmarks
DEEPclusterParTec2 compute nodes + BXI switch
ExaNeStFORTH64 arm cores
4 mezzanines
Prototype of FORTH RDMA + congestion management
INFN-devINFNAlveo board (u50; u200; U280)
PCIe gen3/gen4
I/O 100gbps (APElink; BXI-link)
ExaNet protocol compliant 
– Prototype of APEnet v6
– Debug & development of INFN’s IPs within RED-SEA
TGCC KNLCEA828 nodes (276 blades)
Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) CPU 7250 socket config quad/cache (1 numa node)
96 Go of memory (6×16) + 16 Go mcdram
BXI v1.2
– VEF traces  
– BXI traces