The RED-SEA blog

A peek at our work by the RED-SEA researchers.

  • A peek at BXI V2 performance
    Editor: Fabien Locussol, Interconnect & Network Product Manager at Atos RED-SEA builds upon the European interconnect BXI (Bull eXascale Interconnect) from Atos. BXI is already in production and featured in Top 500 systems. RED-SEA aims to enhance and extend it to meet the challenges of the Exascale era. This page […]
  • Application-defined, high-performance packet processing with sPIN
    Salvatore Di Girolamo, ETH Zürich Need for network acceleration Datacenter and HPC systems are growing at unprecedented speeds. The Frontier supercomputer has been recently deployed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn, making it the first exascale system in the United States. At their core, these systems […]