Collaboration between the DEEP-SEA and RED-SEA projects on VEF traces

As part of its collaborations with other projects, RED-SEA sought to gather a wide array of network traces whose analysis will help provide recommendations for the design of the network system regarding latency, bandwidth in specific message size ranges, number of MPI messages and most relevant MPI calls to optimize.

We have created a public repository to store all the traces obtained from the collaboration with DEEP-SEA, together with the offline analysis reports. This repository can be found here:

This repository contains a set of VEF traces, gathered using the open-source VEF Prospector tool, from parallel applications, such as LAMMPS, PATMOS, NEST and Grommacs, based on the Message Passing Interface (MPI) programming model. These applications are used in several research projects funded by the European Union.

This repository also contains offline-analysis reports for each one of the traces, performed using the VEF Prospector scripts, which generate several plots and PDF files that show the communication operations (either P2P or collective) recorded in the VEF traces.