IO-SEA webinar

Don’t miss the webinar organised by our partner project IO-SEA on 13 October 2022: “Software for exascale architectures driven by hierarchical storage management approach”.

The webinar will present a novel data management and storage platform for exascale computing based on hierarchical storage management (HSM) and ephemeral data life-cycle management. The aim of the platform is to allow efficient usage of storage tiers. Critical aspects of intelligent data placement are considered for extreme volumes of data. This ensures that the right resources among the storage tiers are used and accessed by data nodes as close as possible to compute nodes – optimising performance, cost, and energy at extreme scale.  The methods and techniques which will be presented are applicable to exascale class data intensive applications and workflows that need to be deployed in highly heterogeneous computing environments. System requirements are driven by six data intensive use-cases, which will be introduced during the second half of the webinar.

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