D5.5 Communication and Dissemination Final Report

Edited by Pascale Bernier-Bruna, Eviden (Bull SAS)

Executive summary

This report summarizes the communication and dissemination activities carried out throughout the life-time of the RED-SEA project, with special focus on the timeframe from October 2022 to the end of the project, as the first half of the project was already covered in D5.3 Communication and Dissemination Intermediate Report.

This second half of the project saw events return fully to normal after the break imposed by Covid. This provided numerous opportunities to communicate on the project, usually in conjunction with the other SEA projects.

As far as social networks are concerned, the new erratic policy of X (formerly known as Twitter) has led to a loss of interest in this network, in general but also specifically within the HPC community. From the start (and contrary to our initial expectations), LinkedIn proved to be more efficient and popu-lar than X, and this became even truer in the last half of the project.

Concerning dissemination, the number of publications exceeds the target, and additional publications are still pending at the end of the project. Publications remain concentrated on one partner, but during the second half of the project more consortium partners contributed to publications, and we also had a number of joint publications.

As pointed out at the beginning of the project, the very limited number of public deliverables hindered the dissemination of the project’s findings – due to the sheer lack of material. To remedy this, a blog-ging programme was set up and reinforced in the last half of the project.
Dissemination collaboration with the other SEA projects and with other EuroHPC projects was initiated very early in the project and has resulted in many joint communication/dissemination activities, espe-cially joint events in the second half of the projects.