Workshop sul Calcolo nell’INFN

23-27 May 2022 – Paestum, Italy –

This public Workshop on INFN Computing will explore scientific computing evolutions in depth, with a focus on what is going on at INFN but also an open eye to what is happening in the national and international contexts in which INFN is involved:

  • impact of the LHC run 3,
  • rethinking the calculation models of astrophysics experiments,
  • exploiting Machine Learning and the various declinations of AI,
  • storage and data management technologies,
  • the INFN Cloud,
  • the cybersecurity challenge,
  • the Digital Transition, etc.

Event website>>

The APE Parallel/Distributed Computing Lab, i.e. the INFN team involved in RED-SEA, submitted a presentation of RED-SEA, that will be held on 25 May.

RED-SEA speaker: Andrea Biagioni (INFN)