Universitat Politècnica de València (http://www.upv.es) is a public university with three campus sites, over 35,000 students and 2,600 faculty members and research staff. It is the top University in Spain regarding patent production. UPV is a technical university that develops mostly applied research.
The research group participating in RED-SEA, known as Parallel Architectures group (GAP, http://www.gap.upv.es), is widely recognized at the international level as one of the leading groups on interconnect architectures. GAP has a 26-year research expertise in different aspects of system architecture, especially on interconnection networks. Currently, the group is formed by thirty- researchers, twelve of them being faculty members. GAP has a consolidate expertise in the interconnection network field obtained through its collaboration with leading research and development groups around the world and its participation in multiples national and European research projects. This expertise includes the development of deadlock avoidance and deadlock detection techniques, routing algorithms, fault-tolerant routing algorithms, multicast routing, switching techniques, congestion control mechanisms, and power consumption reduction techniques. Members of the team have recognized participation and contributions in top ranked conferences for Computer Architecture field and Parallel and Distributed Systems, being TPC members of ISCA, HPCA, SuperComputing conference, as well as Associate Editors of IEEE journals such as TC, CAL, and TPDS; ACM Trans. on Mathematical Software; and Elsevier Parallel Computing.

UPV expertise in interconnection networks (topologies, routing, fault-tolerance, congestion management, QoS, etc.) will be helpful in the RED-SEA in order to accomplish the project objectives, mainly in WP3, since different network resources management techniques will be devised in order to make an efficient use of the network which is key to achieve the highest network performance and save power. Moreover, UPV will also contribute in WP1 with its strong expertise in the development of interconnection network simulators along more than 25 years. The RED-SEA project constitutes a unique opportunity to transfer GAP’s research expertise to industry. GAP will also benefit from direct collaboration with industrial partners on the specification and design of state-of-the-art interconnect technology.