eXact Lab

Founded in 2011, eXact lab is an SME that provides solutions, training and on-demand services in the High Performance Computing and Data market. We assist our clients in the research, government and private sectors in defining the best HPC solutions that fit clients specific HPC needs. Our specialties cover a wide range of approaches: from procuring mission-critical HPC systems, maximizing the effectiveness of existing systems at client premises, to on demand Cloud HPC services through our own C3HPC infrastructure based in Amaro, Udine (Italy). Our C3HPC services are specifically tailored on the SME end-user, offering them a high quality services which includes:

  • preconfigured and fully operational hardware, compiled and optimized software,
  • automatic management of complex computational workflows, ad hoc training and
  • support remote visualisation, data-management and data analysis services.

In RED-SEA, eXact Lab will provide two applications, one in computational material science, and one in unsupervised machine learning. The first application is LAMMPS, and in particular its reduced version MiniMD, a molecular dynamic engine widely adopted in computational material science. The second application refers to the parallel implementation of modern clustering algorithms: in particular we plan to use a novel parallel implementation that we are currently developing based on Self Organized Map (SOM).